I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.
Do you find yourself daydreaming about taking a mini break from the daily grind and routine of your work-life?

I do…Almost daily!

Holidays are what we focus on, get excited about booking, aim towards and look forward to…Whether it’s an adventure active break, or a relaxing get away, it’s the “break from the norm” that refreshes and replenishes us physically and mentally.

As a Motorhomer, Campervaner, Caravaner, Hotel goer or Self-Caterer, I’m sure you can relate.

Karen Mathews (of Mind Body Centre – University of Pittsburgh) recommends allowing your body to repair and replenish itself on a physical and mental level by taking a break from your normal routine or work schedule. The centre surveyed just under 1400 participants recruited for studies on cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and other conditions, and found that leisure activities, including taking holidays, contributed to higher positive emotional levels and less depression among the participants.

Not to mention exposure to the outdoors makes your immune system stronger.
We all know that studies show that without regular exposure to relatively harmless dirt, pollen and germs, the body becomes less adept at battling illnesses. The more you travel, particularly through rural locations, the stronger your body becomes as it tackles all the ‘germs’ it comes in to contact with.
This is especially beneficial for children – so next time the kids arrive at the motorhome covered in mud, take a breath and think of the health benefits and open the wine!

What better reasons to book that break you’re dreaming of!

Holidays are good for our health
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